5 Tips to Start Your Holistic Lifestyle l Holistic Living

When thinking about starting on a Holistic journey or even your own personal Yoga journey- it can seem really intimidating! There are so many resources out there today and so many “rules” to follow in order to consider yourself apart of these categories.
I would say the same thing is starting to apply to living as minimalistic lifestyle.
So. Many. Rules.

These rules are not necessary! Living Holistically is looking at the entire Self. Making the Self a priority. Bringing attention to the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the Self.

In this video I am sharing with you 5 Tips to help jump start your journey and help it to become more personalized, not everyone’s routine is the same, not everyone has the ability to live in extremes. No two Holistic lifestyles are going to be exactly the same, and that is okay! They aren’t supposed to be.

These tips are here to just get your feet wet on the idea and see if you can make those subtle life adjustments to help generate more ease and make yourself a priority.

Please feel free to leave any questions, suggestions, or any tips that helped you on your journey! I love hearing your stories in the comments.

The app I’m talking about is called Affirm Me.

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  1. Lizzie Brooks Yoga and Fitness on January 27, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    Great! saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at the appropriate times for you is critical! I talk about some of these things to my students and I believe these changes are really beneficial! :). Thanks!

  2. The Manifest Digest on January 27, 2021 at 8:59 pm

    It has been an on going battle trying to set boundaries with our family and friends. Especially when we came to the realization that a lot of the people we were in contact with were for the wrong reasons. Great Video!

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