Essential Oil Series – Juniper

National Nutrition coming at you with a brand new series! Come, sit down, put your feet up and listen in as our Essential Oils Specialists tells you everything you need to know about all your favorite Essential Oils.

Today we’ll be talking about Juniper Essential Oil, a sweet cedar smelling oil that’s made from Juniper berries and needles. Sit down and watch this video if you’re interested in learning more about how this oil works, what other oil scents mix well with it and ways you can include it in your daily life.

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Steam distilled from the needles, wood and powdered fruits of juniper (Juniperus communis), Aromapathic Labs 100% Pure Juniper Oil is a staple for your essential oil collection. With a woody-cedar and slightly floral aroma, juniper oil adds a warm scent to your home when diffused. Throughout history, Juniper oil has also be found in certain cosmetics and bath oils. Blends well with bergamot, cypress, lavender, melaleuca, geranium, rosemary, and all citrus essential oils…

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