Essential Oils Desk Reference, 4th edition

Kenneth Gardner explains how to use the Essential Oils Desk Reference, 4th edition.

I’m here to teach you about the Essential Oils Desk Reference. It is a reference book. People call it the EDR or the EODR. This book is a must-have for anyone who is serious about using the Young Living essential oils. It has so much information about the essential oils and how to use them. It has general information about essential oils as well as about general health topics. It is mainly good as a reference. You can look up health issues in this book, and it tells what essential oils and other Young Living products are recommended for that problem, and it will tell you how to use the oils, whether they should be inhaled, applied, and so forth. It explains how to look up health issues and how to interpret the different application methods for the oils. The book also explains all of the essential oils that Young Living carries. There is a section on the single oils and one on the essential oils blends. As of today, Young Living has 73 single oils and 65 essential oil blends. You can look up a particular oil. It tells you the scientific information, the history, the medical properties, the uses, the application (how to apply it), the fragrant influence (when you smell it, what effect it has), and which of the other Young Living products it is in. For the essential oil blends, it tells what the purpose of the blend is, the ingredients and information on each ingredient, and how to use the essential oil blend. The Essential Oils Desk Reference also covers other Young Living products, the nutritional supplements, the personal care products, and the animal care products. Special techniques are covered in the book, the Vita Flex technique with the essential oils (which involves the foot, the feet), the Raindrop Technique, and the Auricular Technique ( which involves the ear, the ears). There is a wonderful section in the book on emotions and which essential oil blends are good for which emotional problems, and there is even a step-by-step procedure for emotional clearing using the essential oils. So that is the book, Essential Oils Desk Reference, which I really recommend that you get.


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    Cool! Remember, though, that essential oils are totally different from vegetable oils. They are not oily or greasy and are absorbed right into the body when applied on the skin.

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    Would you recommend Young Living reference books to someone who does not use there oils? I am looking for a reference book on single oils.

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    good info essential oils are really in depth with healing properties, you should also look into the gerson therapy for being healthy too. Thanks for the info

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    Can Frankincense be ingested? I mix it in my Coconut oil and swallowit.

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    Good work.

    Oils were some of our first medicines and are still the safest and some of the most effective. I always keep oil of wild oregano on hand. Kills "bugs" on contact.

    "First, do no harm!"

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    Thanks for the info! Oil of oregano works wonderful on any kind of infection!

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    That’s a big book. One of my friends owns a copy.

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    hemp oil is the most medicinal oil on earth. check out the rick simpson story-run from the cure.

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    Looks nice, and sounds very helpful. Do you know of any good references for distilling essential oils from plants? I have tons of herbs around the yard, like oregano, which my parents never cook with, but have great medicinal properties.

  33. Oil Evangelist on January 31, 2021 at 9:34 pm

    Well, it’s really not practical for an individual to try to create essential oils, because most require hundreds of pounds (even thousands) to make one pound of essential oil. That’s why they’re so potent and so therapeutic!

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