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Essential Oils Desk Reference 6th Edition BOOK REVIEW: “The most complete and comprehensive 1,810 page essential oils book!”

Video Transcript:
Hi I’m Troie Battles with Life Science Publishing and today I’m going to talk to you our bestselling book which is the Essential Oils Desk Reference. This is our 6th edition. It has eight hundred and ten pages of information as you can see. It’s very comprehensive and the most complete book out there on essential oils. It will talk about the history of the oils, the distillation, the raindrop technique, the vitaplex technique, you’ve got information on hormones, information on enzymes, whatever you want to know about essential oils it’s in this book so if you’re interested in learning, this is the educational tool for you. Additionally in the back we have highlighted the page number for each topic that you’re looking up or oil that you’re looking up this shows you the one page to go to with the most information that will be beneficial to you. So it’s easy to use, it’s all colored, we actually have pictures of the plants and how the oils are made. So it’s a wonderful book that you can use and share but make sure you keep this. As we said this is the sixth edition and we have other editions prior to this. If you go online and you look at what they’re selling for they’re very valuable. This is a very valuable book. It’s a must have, make sure you get yours today and remember you can only get this at Life Science Publishing.

Although this is not the official title of the book… this book is also know as “essential oil desk reference 6th edition” or “young living essential oils desk reference”.

Here is a recap of this video:

00:10 Introduction
00:17 The Essential Oils Desk Reference 6th Edition
00:23 Features and Benefits of Essential Oils Desk Reference 6th Edition
00:33 How the book is organized
01:24 Get your copy today from Life Science Publishing
01:38 Bloopers 🙂

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Essential Oils Desk Reference 6th Edition [BOOK REVIEW] – LSP


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