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Essential Oils Desk Reference 7th Edition BOOK REVIEW: Over 634 pages with updated information about Young Living Products including proprietary blends, singles, supplement and more!

Video Transcript:
Hi everybody it’s Troie Battles from LSP and today I want to talk to you about the newly released 7th Edition Essential Oils Desk Reference. Yes it’s finally here and we want to make sure you get your copy today! It has over 634 pages of updated and streamlined information about Young Living Products. That includes proprietary blends, singles, supplements, anything that you are interested in Young Living it is in here. And in the back as you requested, we have the highlighted page numbers for all the products that are most important to you. So that you can get the education you want right at your fingertips! And what is the best thing about this book is that it is not a counterfeit. It comes from the trusted source. The true research. It is the usage guide that provides you with the most benefit for you and your family. I know that your mission is like mine and we want to spread essential oils around the world. And this is the book to do it. So make sure that you get your copy today and that you also share it with others, so that they can look through this beautiful full color guide and get the benefits in their life from essential oils that we have all felt as well. And that we can share this with people around the world and make that true difference! So go to and get your copy today. And once again we thank you for your support at LSP!

Although this is not the official title of the book… this book is searched for as “essential oil desk reference 7th edition” or “young living essential oils desk reference”.

Here is a recap of this video:
00:09 Introduction
00:13 The Essential Oils Desk Reference 7th Edition
00:22 Features and Benefits of Essential Oils Desk Reference 7th Edition
00:33 How is the book essential oil guide organized
00:44 What makes the 7th edition different than any other essential oils reference guide book?
00:54 What is your mission?
01:15 How to order this book from Life Science Publishing?

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Essential Oils Desk Reference 7th Edition [BOOK REVIEW] – LSP


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