Guiding Elements Medical Center, Naturopathic Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona

Guiding Elements Medical Center (GEMC), joyfully serves the local community. Our divinely inspired medical practitioners provide services that facilitate healing of the body, mind, and spirit. We offer a unique approach to health with the ability to combine natural treatments and traditional medicine. Our physicians work with compassion and respect, presenting solutions for all stages of healing. We believe in tailored, ongoing patient-care relationships and value the knowledge and energy exchange between a doctor and patient.

At Guiding Elements Medical Center, we are dedicated to promoting a patient’s ability to self-heal and flourish. Our physicians skillfully blend the art and science of Naturopathic Medicine with Conventional Medicine for optimal wellness. Ensuring the upmost in quality of care, GEMC’s physicians provide tools for patients to create space within their lives to become their most vital and vibrant selves. We devote ample time to teaching our patients about their health, and we ourselves, invest time to learn the latest medical advancements for our patient’s health benefit. GEMC acknowledges that all areas of life affect health therefore we address the concerns of our patients within the context in which they developed. At GEMC, we invoke Love daily, creating a state of Peace that permeates our practice, cultivating a safe space where we invite you to heal. We are honored to serve you.

Guiding Elements Medical Center serves adults from age 25 to 55 who are seeking to improve their overall health and elevate their consciousness.

Adults with mild to severe medical conditions who seek non-traditional health approaches, having exhausted allopathic medical resources to no avail.
Adults who need additional direction to progress further into their robust healthy lifestyle.
Adults who have been told by other health practitioners that there is no detectable cause for their symptoms and yet their symptoms persist.

Guiding Elements Medical Center offers medical visits (e.g. physical exams, lab and imaging review, supplement and medication review, etc.)
Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, gua sha massage, cupping therapy)
Manual Therapy (Mayan abdominal massage, trigger point therapy, bone and tissue physical manipulation)
Holistic Counseling for mental emotional health
Bio-Energy Medicine (pranic healing, gemstone meridian therapy, craniosacral therapy, nanotechnology patches)
Injection therapy for nutrition support and detoxification
Nutritional Counseling
AMD Ionic Footbaths for detoxification
Warm salt foot treatment

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