Healthy Metabolism, Healthy You | Dr. Cate Shanahan

Today we interview Dr. Cate Shanahan on Health Coach Radio. Dr. Cate authored one of the must-read nutrition books that every health coach should have in their library, Deep Nutrition. And while she has recently come out with her second book, The Fat Burn Fix, this episode is all about metabolic health, her area of expertise. We fast-tracked releasing this episode of Health Coach Radio because metabolic dysfunction is such an alarming risk-factor for the COVID-19 virus. The co-morbidities that seem to correlate with the highest death rate from the virus include obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, all metabolic diseases. For a health coach working in the metabolism space, or anyone who wants to understand how a healthy metabolism can set us up for optimal health, and how being metabolically healthy is a necessary baseline to make it through pandemics like Coronavirus and others, this episode is jam-packed with awesome nuggets of information to help both you and your clients. Please enjoy this episode, and remember to give us a 5-star rating on your favorite podcast listening platform.

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