Hemorrhoids | Piles | How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids | Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids or Piles. This video is on treatment, cream, symptoms, causes and how to get rid of hemorrhoids or piles.

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swellings containing enlarged blood vessels found inside or around the bottom (the rectum and anus). In this video were looking at treatment and prevention I hope my tips help.

Hemorrhoids, or piles, are abnormal swellings of the vascular mucosal anal cushions around the anus. In many cases, hemorrhoids don’t cause symptoms and some people don’t even realise they have them.

But when symptoms do occur, they may include:

• Bleeding after passing a stool – the blood is usually bright red
itchy bottom
• A lump hanging down outside of the anus, which may need to be pushed back in after passing a stool
• A mucus discharge after passing a stool
• Soreness, redness and swelling around your anus

Hemorrhoids aren’t usually painful, unless their blood supply slows down or is interrupted.

The exact cause of hemorrhoids is unclear, but they’re associated with increased pressure in the blood vessels in and around your anus.

This pressure can cause the blood vessels in your back passage to become swollen and inflamed.

Many cases are thought to be caused by too much straining on the toilet as a result of prolonged constipation. This is often caused by a lack of fibre in a person’s diet.

Chronic (long-term) diarrhoea can also make you more vulnerable to getting hemorrhoids.

Other factors that might increase your risk of developing hemorrhoids include:

• Being overweight or obese
• Age – as you get older, your body’s supporting tissues get weaker, increasing your risk of hemorrhoids
• Being pregnant – this can place increased pressure on your pelvic blood vessels, causing them to enlarge
• Family history of hemorrhoids
• Regularly lifting heavy objects
• A persistent cough or repeated vomiting
• Sitting down long periods of time

Hemorrhoid symptoms often settle down after a few days without needing treatment. Hemorrhoids that occur during pregnancy often get better after giving birth.

Making lifestyle changes to reduce the strain on the blood vessels in and around your anus is often recommended.

These can include:
• Gradually increasing the amount of fibre in your diet – good sources of fibre include fruit, vegetables, wholegrain rice, wholewheat pasta and bread, pulses and beans, seeds, nuts and oats
• Drinking plenty of fluid – particularly water, but avoiding or cutting down on caffeine and alcohol
• Not delaying going to the toilet – ignoring the urge to empty your bowels can make your stools harder and drier, which can lead to straining when you do go to the toilet
• Avoiding medication that causes constipation – such as painkillers that contain codeine
losing weight if you’re overweight. Link to my constipation video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9ofHdvvdvM
• Exercising regularly – this can help prevent constipation and help you lose weight

These measures can also reduce the risk of hemorrhoids returning or even developing in the first place.

Hemorrhoid creams, ointments and suppositories are available from pharmacies without a prescription. Generally speaking you want it to contain a local anaesthetic for example lidocaine to help numb the pain in the area in combination with a steroid for example hydrocortisone to help reduce swelling. It’s best to speak to your pharmacist about this so they can make sure it’s safe and suitable for you to use.

These treatments should only be used for 5-7 days and are best used after a bowel motion so it stays in the right area for longer.

More information on hemorrhoids and treatments,

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