Herbal Remedies & Treatments : Holistic Herbal Medicine for Gout

Herbal remedies can help soothe the pain caused by gout in the ankles. Relieve yourself of foot pain and walk again with help from an acupuncture physician and registered herbalist in this free video.

Bio: Acupuncture physician and registered herbalist Robert Linde has studied herbs since 1975 and has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than six years.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: Herbs can have a powerful effect on your body, but you should check with your doctor first. Apply herbal remedies to your ailments with help from an acupuncture physician and registered herbalist in this free video.


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  7. Phan Van Van on April 17, 2019 at 12:57 am

    If gout is left neglected, it could lead to critical health issue.

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