Holistic Living Mag 10 – Relaxation for Natural Healing

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Holistic Living Magazine Edition 10 delves into why deeper states of relaxation can result in many beneficial and natural healing responses. It also offers you some relaxation techniques to help you achieve this desired state of body, mind and emotion.


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You’ll benefit from the many articles in this edition written by holistic healing professionals that want to help YOU learn how to heal through relaxation.

There isn’t a single illness or condition that can’t benefit from your ability to enter a state of relaxation consistently. When you’re constantly busy, you reside within a perpetual state of stress.

As a result your stress levels continually escalate. Your cortisol (stress hormone) levels rise. As your cortisol rises it adversely affects other hormones in your body too. One of the other hormones it affects is melatonin, the sleep hormone. This results in a lack of sleep which then contributes even more stress in your system, and on it goes.

What you need are some simple yet effective ways of first breaking the cycle of stress, and second of entering into an actual state of relaxation once again.

This issue is chock full of cutting edge articles with insights, tips and techniques that’ll help you achieve a deeper and more sustainable state of relaxation. Your overall health and any conditions you may be dealing with will greatly benefit!

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