Find Holistic Theology Studies in the United States and Canada.  Individuals, who wish to explore metaphysics, may find that holistic theology studies are the way to go.  Many alternative education schools that offer holistic theology studies commonly extend certificate and degree programs in a variety of associated subjects.  For example, students enrolled in holistic theology studies will discover that they may be able to attain their Bachelor and Masters of Science, in addition to Doctor in Philosophy.  

Generally, courses covered in holistic theology studies may include unique classes in dream interpretation, chakra therapy, prayer and meditation, macrobiotics, spiritual and emotional development, spiritual healing, hypnosis, nutrition, breath work, Reiki and other innovative topics of study.  In addition to typical holistic theology studies, students will gain skills and knowledge in basic business practice and management to further their professional outlook.

Students who participate in holistic theology studies will learn how to explore the logic, ethics, morals; and the homeostatic balance of mind, body and spirit. And if persons are seeking to gain better self discipline, holistic theology studies help individuals to achieve that discipline through holistic philosophies and principles.

Professional prospects for students who have completed in-depth holistic theology studies include careers in life coaching, personal training, and spiritual counseling; among others.  

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Holistic Theology Studies

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