Living Holistically – How To CRUSH the Holistic Lifestyle

What is a HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE exactly?! In this video Coach Tonya talks all about living holistically and CRUSHING IT!

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So all this talk about LIVING HOLISTICALLY but what does that really mean? Well it is going to mean a little something different to each one of us, but in a nutshell living holistically is about making lifestyle choices that are more healthful and beneficial to you than not. It is about focussing on your HEALTH & WELLNESS as one big picture and how your choices influence all of this. HOLISITIC is ALL INCLUSIVE!

First ask yourself WHY? Why is adopting a more holistic way of living something you want to do? Without a compelling why, you may find yourself struggling to sustain a holistic lifestyle.

Look we all have a relationship with food. What is yours? Because this relationship with food is your food behavior which built on your thoughts and belief systems about food. Where did all this come from? You need to know this if you are going to make changes to set yourself up for holistic living SUCCESS.

Still looking for a clear cut answer on the BEST DIET YOU SHOULD BE FOLLOWIN? Okay . . . HERE IT IS:

“A diet that supports you physically, mentally & psychologically/ emotionally & is able to help you meet & deal with every single demand you place on it every single day. A diet that allows you to enjoy a quality nights sleep & wake up feeling refreshed & energized; ready to take on the day. A diet that supports stress management, does not induce consistent cravings, but does support a sustainable, healthy weight over your lifetime”.

Sorry if that disappoints you BUT it really is THAT SIMPLE!

Okay so how do you get started? Here are a couple steps to get you started. Just don’t complicate this . . . keep it simple and it will be easier and much more enjoyable to stick to.

1.Have a plan that spans a couple weeks, a couple months, etc.
2. Set REALISTIC goals.
3. Get help! Ask questions, then ask better questions!
4. Start replacing poor behaviours with new healthy, supportive behaviours.
5. Choose those you know you will be consistent with because you want success . . . thats MOTIVATION!!!
6. Make a commitment to MOVE your body at least 3 times/ week for 30 mins.
7. Water really is your best friend.
8. Find inspiration from somewhere or someone or some thing
9. Be kind, be fair & BELIVE IN YOURSELF

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