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The Healer

the word “healer”-means “make whole”, i.e. to restore the lost soul and/or body wholeness, harmony. Therefore, the doctrine of healing must be “holistic,” internally unified, harmonious. The spiritual and physical beginning to form an indissoluble unity of man, and the majority of the ailments are rooted in “the troubles” of our spiritual essence. D.v. Vlaskin “Biblical system of healing”.

In this section we offer mutual assistance practitioners and please send recipes, methods, bringing healing to you and your patients. Here we will share experiences of real cases, healing diseases, do not send, please, not proven techniques from the Internet. We will try to answer the questions to the best of our knowledge and experience.

“There are diseases that we cannot cure, but it does not mean that there is no way.” Xu Ming Tang

“Health goes, when it badly treated.”

“There is no need to refer to the body savagely-do not eat or overeat”.

“Mankind ever becomes extinct, because of the desire to be perfectly healthy!”

The effect of thinking on the spine:

Diseases of the spine is a manifestation of the deep-rooted resentment, feelings of guilt and lack of flexibility in different spheres of life.

For example, the most common pain:

-Neck (neck area)-guilt, dependence on other people’s opinions, life for the other through yourself, sacrifice.

-Thoracic-guilt, habit of leaving everything on his shoulders, giperotvetstvenost′ or pulling someone else’s responsibility, the desire to solve the problems of other people, the heart of “put on the armor»

-Loin-old grievances, the rejection of the joys of life, low self esteem, complexes, shyness in sexual relationships, uncertainty.

-Coccyx-relishing of old grievances.

-Slouch develops in people with a sensitive heart, a desire to close down the shoulders, hide the heart area of the pain.

The chronic form of these manifestations of human reluctance to change is his stubbornness.

Especially strongly affects the spinal deformity suppressing negative feelings.

This is similar to how a solid okostenevšaâ surface of a Pearl in the shell clam. Clam swallows grain of sand.

A grain of sand is the first pain, negative emotions, then nevyskazannost′ the clam is nacre layer by layer.

And we accumulate hurt layer after layer, words, discussing it with others, or mentally, I go back in negative situations as a plate.

Because of this, the spine is formed deformation.

We showed an x-ray of the spine of a woman, and told on this snapshot the spine is all about childhood fears and feelings of that person, his habits and qualities of character.

Our body can tell all of our secrets to …

But even more important to connect the positive attitudes that will help target to remove pain and discomfort in the spine.

Psychological setting-this is primarily our way of thinking (positive or negative) and attitude (love or dislike of myself).

That is, psychological setting negative, negative thinking, dislike of self acceptance themselves. All other efforts to protect health are becoming ineffective. And may bring more harm than good.


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    she looks tight 🙂

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    The Healer. Thank you.

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    Medicine of the past.. and hopefully the future!

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    Wow. It works it’s my 2 no time trying on some one really sick in wheelchair , first time he gets up from wheelchair and walked , unfortunately for short 5 min. Second time feel a sleep, both are very strange for his condition. I don’t understand what I am doing but I am happy I found this. Thank you.

  10. Jovanna Recine on April 17, 2019 at 12:45 am

    my hands don’t burn and yet many healings occur.

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