Naturopathic Approach To Men's Health & Urology With Dr. Eric Yarnell

DHP’s exclusive interview with Dr. Eric Yarnell, an absolute authority on men’s health and urology. In this interview, Dr. Yarnell discusses the Naturopathic approach to these areas of medicine, and shares some insights from his 20+ years in clinical practice. Here’s a little preview of the topics we chat about:

– 1:05 – What is men’s health
– 2:32 – What drew Dr. Yarnell to men’s health and urology?
– 5:18 – Evolution of the field of men’s health, trends in the medicine
– 6:48 – Acceptance and popularity of men’s health
– 8:15 – The increase and availability of research in the field of men’s health
– 9:57 – How men’s health fits into a Naturopathic medical practice, and the principles of Naturopathic medicine that guide the practice
– 12:30 – The most common conditions that Dr. Yarnell sees in practice that are treated effectively with Naturopathic medicine
– 14:29 – The comparison of the conventional medical treatments and the Naturopathic medical treatments of several common conditions
– 21:05 – How Dr. Yarnell uses the therapeutic order when treating common men’s health and urologic conditions, and how the force of intervention compares across treatment options
– 24:45 – The most common treatments utilized by Dr. Yarnell in practice
– 27:44 – Dr. Eric Yarnell’s 3 Top Three: 3 things to avoid for optimal health, Top 3 daily practices for health, and Top 3 general health tips for optimal health
– 41:58 – How to learn more about the Naturopathic Approach to men’s health and urology, Dr. Yarnell and his practice, and how to get in touch with him

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  1. P B on December 14, 2020 at 11:12 pm

    Great video! My Dr has me on Two treasures tincture for my kidney health. My GFR went down to 53 and I’m hoping this brings it up.

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