Naturopathy: What is Co-Regulation? with Peter Berryman

**This podcast was recorded and released in 2018**
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Registration, co-regulation, statutory registration… Bottom line, what do they all mean for naturopathy in Australia?In today’s podcast, Peter Berryman recounts the rich history of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), from it’s beginnings with Dorothy Hall, through to becoming the largest Australian natural medicine association serving a plethora of clinical modalities that make up the greater complementary medicine industry.Peter joins us today to fulfil an FX Medicine podcast request we received from our community asking us to explore the other side of the statutory registration debate, namely, co-regulation.The co-regulatory model is the status quo and is supported by ATMS as the go-forward regulatory system for naturopaths in Australia. Peter covers off what this means, why they feel this is the best option and how this still supports patient and public safety. Peter and Andrew discuss the legal issues around scope of practice and protection of title as well as the powers the association holds to ensure members are trained to an agreed standard and committed to uphold the association’s code of conduct.

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