San Rafael Chiropractor shows How to Treat Infections Using Holistic Therapies

This is a great video that goes over how to Treat Infections with Holistic Therapies. The doctor is very dressed down in casual clothing and relaxed. A Fungal Infection is diagnosed and treated. A Genito-Urinary System (Kidney / Urinary Bladder) Infection is diagnosed and treated. Everything is explained and demonstrated very well in this video. We learn about the “Truth Serum.” We are able to learn about the dangers of nail polish remover and toeluene. Interestingly, toluene leads to the direct destruction of brain tissue and can even lead to siezures if someone has been exposed to too much toluene. When the treatment was begun Ivette, the patient, was taking St. John’s Wort IMT from Standard Process of Northern California. She was also taking Brainfood which is a Phosphatidyl Serine supplement. In addition she was using Ginkgo Biloba from Mediherb – an Australian based company. She was also taking NAC (N-Acetyle-Cysteine) which is a sulfer compound. She was also taking high dose iodine which was is a very bioavailable source of ammonium iodide and iodine, echinacea and Pau D’Arco. She was also taking Rumaplex which is for the bones and joints. We learn that infections can actually, in some part, be caused by toxicity. The toxic toluene entered Ivette’s system and wrecked havoc, causing her immune system to be more susceptible to infections. The points are checked for Ileocecal valve, valves of houston, blood sugar, rib torque, water metabolism, and also cardiac low back. We find that both psoas muscles are weak. We learn that the psoas muscles are related to the kidneys. Most importantly we find out that Ivette is suffering from a kidney infection which is weakening her psoas muscles. In the words of the late Dr. George Goodheart, DC, the body is intricately simple and simply intricate. Every aspect of the body is inter-related. Ivette is checked for dehydration and it is found that she is NOT actually all that dehydrated. Putting water into her system does not seem to strengthen her psoas muscles. The psoas muscles are related to the Kidneys. Again, the main nutrient of the kidneys is water. We don’t even start the treatment until we have gone into the video to about 22:00. The entire video goes one hour and 37 minutes. The whole treatment is very well organized and there is a book that is used to organize both diagnosis and treatment. Plus, there is even discussion of cancer and what effect cancer has on the body. There is a little bit of discussion regarding the approaches to cancer that are currently available to the general public. Because Ivette had been exposed to nail polish for more than 2 days it really caused a lot of difficulties for her. So, the great thing is that we see the entire diagnosis and treatment from beginning to end. This is an amazing and profound, life-changing video. There is discussion of Susan G. Koman’s Walk for the Cure. There is quite a bit of discussion. There is a great deal of diagnosing of different types of infections and treating those infections. Cancer of the small intestine is accurately diagnosed and treated. The entire treatment is really amazing. There is quick mention of tumors, metastasis, pre-cancer, cancer. The relationship between cancers and emotions is quickly referenced. There is an exploration of the feelings of shame. There is discussion of homeopathic remedies, muscle tests are done; there are lots of things said about different flower essences. The gluteus medium muscles are checked for proper function. When the 2 Gluteus Medius Muscles are checked simultaneously for weakening, this is where the treatment begins. Colored lenses are also used. The doctor checks to see if Ivette needs red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet lenses. It is found that Ivette needs to wear a certain combination of these colors to help access specific acupuncture meridians, chakras, organs and glands. The doctor helps with doubt by using his very special energy medicine. A healing state that the patient temporarily gets into is demonstrated. There is lots and lots and lots of diagnosing different types of organs, glands, teeth, brain, blood, body fluid, bones, etc…. It is amazing to see how thorough and complete and accurate the entire process of diagnosing and treating really is. Rose of Sharon is one of the flower essences that is given to Ivette. There is a very systematic approach to checking for different types of infections such as bacteria, virus, mold, alternate virus, mycoplasma, parasites, amoebas, mold, yeast, fungus and candida. As if this was not enough there is a very, very precise and helpful reference to a mold, yeast, candida and fungal infection diet. This is a very well organized thorough and complete approach that is being used. Structural, chemical and emotional therapies are being used. It is not just a one sided approach.

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