The Essential Oils Diet – NLF Podcast Ep 16

Natural Living Family Podcast Episode 16 – The Essential Oils Diet: Lose Weight And Transform Your Health With The Power Of Essential Oils And Bioactive Foods


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This week, we are celebrating the launch of our book, The Essential Oils Diet, by talking about food…food that is rich in bioactive compounds, that is. We define bioactive compounds and delve into the importance of this plant-based chemical nutrition that is necessary for abundant living.

We’ll talk about “diet” as a way of making smart food choices vs. meat-heavy fad diets that can be bad for you. We’ll walk you through how our book can help you attain your body’s ideal weight and achieve better health.

We’ll share about healthy eating as a spiritual practice and discuss stress and other emotional factors, like unforgiveness, that can actually cause disease. We are going to tell you about the “Essential Eight” core food groups of the Essential Oils Diet and all the benefits of trying it for yourself.

Are you ready for the Essential Oils Diet challenge? Join us as we show you how to transform your health and your life!


– Topic intro, what’s in our diffuser and latest reviews! (2:14)
– The Essential Oils Diet Book is here! Shout out to everyone who helped us write this book (7:00)
– Diet means choices and the spiritual act of good health (13:36)
– Stress and the emotional causes of disease (16:23)
– Transforming your life with bioactive compounds instead of fad diets (22:18)
– The Essential Eight core food groups of the Essential Oils Diet (34:58)
– The Essential Oils Diet: fast track 30-day challenge and lifestyle (45:30)
– How to get started with essential oils diet techniques right now (1:02:16)
– Natural living tip from The Essential Oils Diet book and episode wrap (68:02)


“If your diet is lacking in a variety of foods full of different of bioactive compounds, you’re going to be sick and you will gain weight.” – Dr. Z

“We believe that the way that we eat, what we drink, and the things that we put on our skin are all spiritual acts of worship to God.” – Dr. Z

“We’re trying to help you transform your health from the inside out and deal with the root cause of disease.” – Dr. Z

“Having unforgiveness in your heart is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to be hurt.” – Dr. Z

“At the grocery store, I realized they should not call it the cereal aisle. This is the sugar aisle.” – Mama Z


  1. Forever blessed and joyful. on March 6, 2021 at 10:49 pm

    Praise the LORD that you became a follower of Christ 16 years ago. The best decision for anyone to make. Be faithful to Him until the end. The LORD Jesus is our Healer too. God bless your beautiful wife and children and you.

  2. SM503 on March 6, 2021 at 11:10 pm

    I have been struggling to lose weight cuz i have a bad sweet tooth believe me i have tried to exercise often but due to lack of energy i hardly workout anymore can’t wait to buy this book and read it and start this challenge!!!

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