They would consider not only the physical state, but the emotional and intellectual state as well. This form of medicine concerned itself not only with the physical problem, but with the problems of the “whole” self. This is what makes this form of medicine so much different from today.

The medicine that we use today is in high demand and in demand to fix whatever the problem is instantly. For the most part, the doctors that we see for our symptoms only look at the physical problems of the body and nothing else. This is only one of the many differences between the old medicine and today.

Alternative medicine has evolved from the beginning and has survived through the ages of pills and pain removers. There are millions of people today who still live their life by the alternative medical treatments. Alternative medicine includes massage, therapy, herbal tea, herbal medicine and more. Massage is one of the oldest and first styles of alternative medicine known today. There has been record of massage since ancient Egypt and the pyramids. Massage is something that many people take advantage of today, but many do not realize that they are using alternative medicine because massage has become so common.

Each and every culture and civilization had their own version of alternative medicine. With more than 5000 years of alternative medicine, there were many different treatments that were used. It was from some of these alternative medical treatments that we have our faster and more effective treatments today.

In European history there were two types of healers, the professional physicians and the folk healers. The folk healers lived in the lower class and healed the people of each village who could not afford the expensive physicians. These people believed in the folk treatment and it worked for them. This type of situation also occurred in many other cultures.

In the Western culture, philosophy was frequently used to assist the folk healers in their quest for a holistic treatment. Philosophy was something that told the stories of their lives. With a twist of philosophy and religion as well as belief, they easily found the best treatment available for whatever it was that was ailing the villagers of this time.

It did not take long for the folk healers and alternative medicine world to evolve into a new form of medicine: – the conventional ways that we know today. Each new century there was a new development in the world of medicine. These advances are what has brought us to where we are today in the medical world.

Just because we now have a more advanced or shall we say instantaneous form of medication, this does not mean that alternative medicine does not exist any longer. Alternative medicine is still surviving and still used by many people today. Massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, herbal, humor therapy, meditation, and the list can go on and on. The only thing is,  that some of these treatments have recently over the years become to popular that they are no longer considered alternative medicine and they are now supported by physicians.

The history of alternative medicine is as progressive and distinctive as any other historical adventure. Alternative medicine has survived through the years for one reason. It works. The theory of alternative medicine has been ridiculed throughout the centuries but the fact remains that these treatments work. They may not work as fast as the treatments that we have todayComputer Technology Articles, but they work. Holistically and naturally these treatments work. This type of treatment can be better for most people if they give these ideas a chance.

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