What are Essential Oils – Quiz

When I first learned about essential oils, I thought they were just good-smelling products found at Whole Foods or natural foods stores. I just didn’t know much about them. I didn’t realize that they’re a lot more than “natural perfume.” Speaking of “natural perfume” or “fragrances,” candles are more popular than ever. Most candles emit all sorts of toxins, though. There’s evidence they can even contribute to asthma.

Some people have taken a first step in using essential oils just to get rid of their toxic candles and air fresheners.

So what are essential oils anyway? I will tell you soon! Until then, see if you know the answer to this question!

QUESTION – Where are essential oils extracted from?
a) leaves of a plant
b) roots of a plant
c) fruit of a plant
d)seeds of a plant
e) flowers
f) grasses
g) all of the above
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