Did it ever happen to you that you had a terrible headache and the best medicine you could think of was for someone wear boxing gloves to a big bang on your head, or you just feel like pulling your hair out? If yes, you have already thought of some alternative medicine!

No, alternative medicine isn’t about hurting yourself, but it definitely is about exploring some other methods of medicine other than swallowing the tablets. The reason for this is partly because of avoiding dependence to allopathic drugs, which can indirectly do more harm than good and partly because of man’s continuous curiosity to try something new. However, there’s no harm looking for new things if you can find something better to deal with your day-to-day health problems.

Much of the “alternative medicine” or “alternative healing” comes from the ancient medical wisdom. Some cultures use sharp needles to cure pain from body, some believe that herbs and shrubs can provide great relief, while some people will use a paste of mud on their body to cool down, or use an ice pack, hot water bottle, or simple massaging – all these methods surely are a form of medicine as it relieves pain and other ailments. However, these methods aren’t well known to the public as they are against the organized advertisement movements of traditional pharmaceutical products and hence fall under the category of alternative medicine.

Defining alternative medicine

It’s difficult to establish a single definition for alternative medicine. These days there are so many techniques and methods being explored and marketed that there are many names floating out there.

Be it Holistic medicine, natural medicine, complementary medicine, integrated medicine…they are all but aspects of alternative medicine. The common alternative therapies include aromatherapy, acupressure, yoga, message, music therapy, hypnosis, relaxation, meditation, ayurveda, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, and homeopathy as well.  This point of alternative medicine is to see that all parts of an individual’s life are in sync and healthy.

Alternative medicine system’s point of view

Alternative medicine systems say that health isn’t mere absence of disease. Life ought to be lived with enthusiasm, and absence of enthusiasm too is a sign of ill health.  Every individual is different and has a unique purpose in life. Alternative medicine tries to ensure that this purpose of life is maintained, as a person without a purpose in life cannot function to the fullest of his abilities. One needs to be inspired and motivated to be able to live life fully.

An illness, in fact, might not be a cause of great worry. It isn’t just infections which cause sickness. A new thought process in one’s mind is capable of changing the entire personality. The great warrior king Asoka was so moved by the death and destruction in the kalinga war that he gave up everything and became a Buddhist reformer. Similarly, illness may present itself as an opportunity to change us into different, better human beings.  Therefore alternative medicine tries to have an integral view of the person’s personality and various factors and emotions guiding his behaviour.

So next time, when you feel unwell, resist the temptation to swallow that pill, just sit back, relax and switch on your favourite music, go back in time, evoke sweet memories, analyse your path, redefine your goalsFree Articles, have a purpose to live for and you will feel your strength returning and realize that life is indeed beautiful – and worth living for!

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