What is Naturopathy? What are the benefits of Naturopathy? Naturopathy and Conventional Medicine.

Dr Jennah is a Naturopath in Toronto practising with a women’s health focus. Her 4 main areas of Treatment are Fertility, Hormones, Digestion and Menstrual Issues. In this video she explains the many benefits of Naturopathy, The difference between Naturopathy and Conventional Medicine and the basic principles of Naturopathic Medicine. Learn more about her practice: https://achesawaytoronto.ca/naturopath-toronto-downtown/
1. What is Naturopathy: Root cause of health; Not a bandaid; Not looking at just symptoms.
2. Treatments include: Lifestyle, Supplemental, Nutritional supports and Acupuncture.
3. Conventional vs Naturopath: Difference is approach to concerns: Doctor may suggest surgery or medication, Naturopath may look for alternative treatment: supplment, herbal support, acupuncture.
4. Benefits of Naturopathy: Supports health goals, Supports Energy, Sleep and address Acute symptoms and prevention of Disease.

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